What can we do for you 

We are providing freight forwarding services all over the world from any place to any destination on the globe.

We offer Ex door services for shipments which require special handling and shipping of such shipment’s is not common to day to day operations.

We have specialization to handle  RORO shipments like.

  1. Cranes 
  2. Crawler Excavators
  3. Graders
  4. Asphalt Pavers
  5. Dozers
  6. Compactors
  7. Vibratory Rollers
  8. Neumatic Roller
  9. Dump Trucks
  10. Trailers
  11. Fork Lifts
  12. Boom Lifts
  13. Scissor Lifts
  14. Concrete Pump Truks
  15. Crusher & Profilers
  16. Cruze Boats
  17. Yacht
  18. Motor Boats
  19. Motor Home
  20. Buses
  21. Agriculture Machineries


The list is very vast a few are mentioned above. 

We also handles shipments from big auction houses is USA / Canada / Mexico / Italy / Spain / Netherlands / France / UK / Australia / Japan.

Such auction houses sale machinery on “as is where is” basis. We move such shipments from door which require special service like dismantling / Land Haulage / Loading / Securing / Blocking / Bracing / Fumigation / Veritas Certificate / Customs Clearance etc.

Besides we offer air freighter chartering services for shipment of need of time require urgent delivery. Such shipments may be Whole machinery or parts of machinery / relief consignment / important material / sophisticated items etc.

For sea we offer vessel chartering on voyage basis for bulk shipment like steam coal / ore / steel products / grains / cement / fertilizers etc.

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We ship Pipe Layer / Tractor / Compactor / Grader / Roller / Dozer


We ship All Terrain Mobile cranes  


We ship Dump Trucks

We Offer Freighter Chartering

We Offer Voyage Chartering